Brazil has festivals for all tastes. Check out a few highlights

Brazil offers an immense music scene, from small events to massive festivals with attractions from around the world. Check out below some of the many options you can enjoy in the country


Images: Divulgação/Meca Love

Brazil has festivals for all tastes. Check out a few highlightsRock in Rio

The first edition of Rock in Rio, held in the city of the same name in 1985. The festival was created by Brazilian businessman Roberto Medina and went on to conquer the world: Lisbon, Madrid and Las Vegas have also had their own editions, with the next event scheduled for Brazil in 2019. The creators guarantee novelties for the next edition, which hasn't had its date set at the moment.


Seven countries currently host the Lollapalooza, which originated in Chicago in 2013. Created by musician Perry Farrell, the festival has already expanded to Germany, France, Sweden, Chile, Argentina and, of course, Brazil, which receives the event since 2012. Lolla is an eclectic festival, with attractions from a wide range of national and international musical styles. The next edition in the Brazilian territory will be held from 5 to 7 April 2019.

Brazil has festivals for all tastes. Check out a few highlightsMeca Love

What started as a music festival in 2010 has already grown into a multicultural platform with music events, content channels, physical spaces (cafes, bars, shops, workspaces and events) and a number of services, among other attractions: The Mecca is multidisciplinary, and 100% Brazilian. The next editions will be held on 22 September in Recife (Pernambuco) and on 3 November in Fazenda Pontal (Rio Grande do Sul).


Bananada was born in 1999 in Goiânia (GO) as a small festival with two stages totally dedicated to promoting the local artistic scene with beginner and independent bands. Almost 20 years later, in addition to having already crossed borders (with pocket editions in Spain and Portugal), the Bananada has grown quite a bit. Nowadays, the event has a full week of events spread in nightclubs, theatres and cultural spaces of the Goiás state capital, with at least 50 artistic attractions of varied genres performing.

Brazil has festivals for all tastes. Check out a few highlightsCoMA

CoMA is about to grace revellers in Brasília for the second time. The 2018 edition had more than 40 concerts in the city centre, as well as a conference with debates, pitches by new artists and other activities around the music market, cultural production, arts, games and other areas.

Festa do Peão de Barretos

The first edition of the Festa do Peão de Boiadeiro de Barretos ("Barretos Cowboy Festival") was held in 1956. First held under the canvas of an old circus, it has since become the most successful rural event of the country. The main attraction since the first edition was the rodeo, which in Brazil was also born in the municipality. From then, it would only grow. In 1960, it was already known all over the country and had participants from several South America countries, including Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, as well as several regions of Brazil.

Brazil has festivals for all tastes. Check out a few highlightsCaldas Country

Caldas Country is the biggest country music festival in Brazil. In 2018, the event is taking place over three days (15-17 November), with more than 40 hours of music in total.

Garanhuns Winter Festival

The festival brings together music, cinema, performing arts, popular culture and other forms of Brazilian artistic expression. Garanhuns, state of Pernambuco, is a north-eastern city 230 km from state capital Recife. The festival received about 500,000 people every year for the 10 days of events. The programme is quite varied, ranging from major concerts to popular culture processions.